Faculty Expectations


The faculty assigned to teach classes in the Consortium for Transatlantic Studies and Scholarship (CTSS) at the Instituto Franklin-UAH are expected to participate cooperatively with students, colleagues, and administrators in the formulation and maintenance of the collective social and academic standards of the CTSS, the Instituto Franklin-UAH, and Universidad de Alcalá, and their respective institutions. It is expected that faculty will demonstrate the qualities of character, scholarship, and conduct commensurate with the standards established for the CTSS.

To assist in maintaining an atmosphere for standards of academic quality, the CTSS Program faculty members are specifically expected to:

  1. Actively participate in recruitment of students for the CTSS Program in Alcala, Once selected to teach in the program, faculty members will provide their respective campus CTSS representative and Study Abroad office with some biographical information that includes some “fun facts” to attract prospective students. Along with the description of the course this biographical information and contact information will be included in any printed or online CTSS brochures, advertising, or publicity. Faculty members are expected to answer queries from prospective students about their upcoming courses. Faculty members are expected to help recruit students from their campus, and especially from their own department.
  2. Arrange with their institution the necessary transportation between their university and Alcala, Spain.
  3. Maintain a full schedule of classes and activities for each course equal to academic standards set for the course on the home campus, and ensure that all work required for the course is assigned to be completed within the time scheduled for that block.
  4. Provide students with online (email, blackboard, ) information regarding course syllabi, academic honesty, academic standards, class activities, and grading practices before or once classes begin.
  5. Take class attendance.
  6. Cooperate with students who experience special and legitimate problems resulting in the necessity of making up missed class assignments.
  7. Maintain office hours or some equivalent whereby time is set aside by the faculty member to communicate with students.
  8. Seek to incorporate as many activities as possible to enhance each course being taught in the Alcala and Spain setting.
  9. Devote some time to individual professional development while in Spain.
  10. Submit a short report to the faculty member’s campus CTSS representative summarizing how their teaching in Alcala helped with their professional career.
  11. After returning from Spain, help to recruit students on their campus to participate in the CTSS Program for ensuing sessions.

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