Student Resources

Application Due Date:  October 15, 2017.  Contact your college’s International Office to start the application process prior to this date.

Students interested in the CTSS Study Abroad Program in Alcalá will find resources and additional information here.

  • Also, visit the Study Abroad Advisor at your home institution’s Study Abroad Office.
  • Then visit with your academic program advisor to make sure the offered courses will fit into your program of studies.

CTSS Spring 2017—Tentative Schedule<– Click here for Spring 2017 Course Descriptions and Instructors


Student Perspectives from Prior CTSS Study Sessions:

  • This is a link to the student blog from 2017 study session.  This will provide an impression of the contemporaneous views of the various students participating in the program.
  • There is a link on this page from the Franklin Institute on “International Studies.”  This link will lead to a video where students from the 2017 session share their perspectives on the CTSS program.
  • Informational Video-1  This video is by the University of Central Missouri students who attended the CTSS study program in 2013.  (Please note that students refer to their “student apartment.”  In 2018 students will be staying with host families.
  •  ctss-2018-ppt  This Powerpoint was created for discussions with students at the University of Central Missouri (UCM), with a focus on the relative  cost comparisons between study in Spain versus study at the  Missouri.  Yet, much of this information should be useful for any non-UCM student interested in participating in the 2017 spring CTSS Study Program.

There are some of the visits offered in the program, these include:  Franklin Institute sponsored field trips



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