Program Information-Study Abroad Spring 2018

Link for Franklin Institute Application for spring 2018:  FRANKLIN INSTITUTE (UAH) APPLICATION FORM

Application Due Date:  October 15, 2017.  Contact your college’s International Office to start the application process by this date.

The theme for the CTSS program of study is International Studies. Courses from a variety of academic disciplines are offered that relate to this theme.

Information on application procedures, courses, and the calendar for the CTSS program of study for spring 2018 is available now.

If you have any questions, please contact the Study Abroad office at your institution. Because this program is less than 90 days, U.S. students are not required to obtain a Spanish Student Visa. If students decide to stay beyond 90 days, however, students will need to apply–prior to departure–for a Student Visa through their regional Spanish Consulate.



2018 Calendar CTSS Academic Session

    • There are no classes on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays
  • January 10th:                         Arrival
  • January 11-12:                        Orientation
  • January 15 – February 7:       Block 1
  • February 12 – March 7:          Block 2
  • March12 – April 6:                   Block 3
  • April 7:                                      Departure

All students participate in the (Jan. 12-Mar. 17) course: Introduction to Spain

  • This course will provide a broad overview of Spanish civilization and culture, from its prehistory to the present day.  Spain’s significance in the history of thought and deed will be examined in wider international contexts, particularly those pertaining to Western Europe and America.

Block 1: Jan. 15-Feb. 7 (about 2.5 hours/day Mon-Thurs) Students choose one of the following 3 courses:

  • —Quality and Innovation (Business Students)
    • ◦Instructor: Prof. Keith Province, University of Central Missouri (USA) [SYLLABUS]
  • —Organizational Empathy and Awareness in Non-Profit Leadership(Social Work)
    • ◦Instructor:  Dr. Ed Silverman, Keuka College (USA)  [SYLLABUS]
  • —Populism and Popular Culture in the Americas
    • —Instructor: Carlos Aguasaco, City University of New York (USA)

Block 2: Feb. 12-March 7  (about 2.5 hours/day Mon-Thurs)  Students choose one of the following 3 courses:

  • —Global Security? Contemporary Challenge of Our Time (Political Science; International Studies)
    • ◦Instructors: Dr. Daniel Silander, Linnaeus University (Sweden) & Don Wallace University of Central Missouri (USA) [SYLLABUS]
  • —Being the other: Exploring Stigmatized Identities in “real life” and online communities (Psychology; Sociology)
    • ◦Instructor:  Dr. Jane Prince, University of South Wales (UK) [SYLLABUS]
  • The United Nations and Crime Prevention (International Studies)

Block 3: March 12-April 6  (about 2.5 hours/day Mon-Thurs)  Students choose one of the following 3 courses:

  • —Ethics in Criminal Justice (All majors)
    • ◦Instructor:  Dr. Erica LaPierre, Keuka College (USA) [SYLLABUS]
  • —Crimes Against Humanity (International Studies; Political Science)
    • ◦Instructor:  Dr. Ben Gibbs, Ball State University (USA) [SYLLABUS]
  • —Guns and Gun Culture in Comparative Perspective (Criminal Justice )
    • ◦Instructor: Dr. Scott Chenault, University of Central Missouri (USA)  [SYLLABUS]



Full Term-Spanish Language Courses: Students interested in taking Spanish language courses or other elective courses at the University of Alcala (taught in Spanish) may do so as well. If you wish to enroll in any of these courses, you will be required to stay for the full semester and obtain a Spanish Student Visa. Spanish language courses are available at the Beginning through Advanced Levels. Please visit with your campus’s Study Abroad Adviser to see list of available courses, dates, and times.



Each Consortium Member institution has its own Study Abroad office and application process and criteria. So, please meet with the Study Abroad staff on your home campus to learn more about this program and application deadlines. After you apply through your home institution, you will need to submit additional materials—medical information, flight itinerary and passport information, a housing questionnaire, and a program registration form—to the Universidad de Alcala. You may get these documents from the Study Abroad Office on your home university.

Students from Non-Member Institutions: If your university is not a member of the CTSS, please contact Dr. Scott Chenault at the University of Central Missouri for information on how to apply.



Some program costs may vary, and each university may have its own policies and provisions for internal application fees, home university tuition, other associated fees and inclusions, and application of financial aid. The costs below reflect only those program costs in Alcalá.

  • Program Fee: $6205.00
  • Should a student choose to stay for only one block or for only two continuous blocks, the fee for each block TBD

Program Fee Includes:

  • Airport pickup (if you arrive on published date)
  • Accommodations (meals & lodging & laundry) with host family/ 2 students per family
  • On-site support from Institute
  • International Center Staff Orientation (from your university)
  • Field trips
  • Administrative costs
  • Spanish Culture course tuition
  • Access to library and computer lab facilities on campus
  • Onsite orientation
  • Medical Insurance at UAH

Additional Costs: 

  • Bus transportation in Alcalá: 150€ (about $180)
  • Extra-curricular travel (if you wish to travel around Spain or other destinations)
  • Airfare between USA and Madrid-Barajas airport: $1000-$1500 (approx)
  • Books and class supplies: 120€ (about $144)
  • Passport
  • Tuition through the student’s university (Policies of individual universities on tuition requirements for study abroad programs do vary considerably.)

Financial Aid & Scholarships:

  • CTSS does not provide scholarship assistance.
  • Please visit with your home institution’s Study Abroad Office advisor to discuss scholarships and whether your current financial aid packet may apply to this program.

*Students wishing to stay in Alcalá after the end of the Third Block are not guaranteed housing and may be subject to additional charges and fees for services beyond that date.

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